Digital Attribution

Digital Campaigns Attribution Analytics: Marketing campaigns aimed at promoting website’s engagement by digital customers are complex to track. Everyday the marketing scenario changes: programmatic marketing is surging, new sites where to place ads appear every day, also social networks emerge or decline because others appear or disappear, the search engines use complex ad display schemes and mixed digital/video/printed tactics are valid to attract potential visitors.

Every site has its own rules as where and how to add any tracking code. It is so important to help ad agencies and marketing teams in the process to put the tracking pixel as to analyze the tracking records the correct way. Very specialized teams must collaborate. Like our team.

And then it comes the analytics. Many marketing analytics’ companies and tools only do Last Touch (or Last Click) -or a very limited Touch Schema- Attribution. They forget about Markov Chains, called Multi Touch, or they do not know how to apply this intelligent way of attributing conversions to the different campaigns.

Last Click miscalculates, up to a 50%, campaign ROIs, for this process only attributes conversions to the campaign ad that drove the visit where the conversion (purchase, registration, or any other type of visitor interaction that may be considered as a conversion by the website owners) took place. They do not take into consideration all previous ads that have prepared the visitor, through a set of different stages (dormant, awareness, consideration, conversion), to make the conversion.

i4conAnalytics team is capable of doing Multi Touch Attribution analysis using a proprietary scripting development. The rest is done through open source and big data tools to keep the costs, and our prices, among the best in the market.


Markov Chain. Multi Touch


i4conAnalytics DA Model


i4conAnalytics LTA vs MTA explanation