Rafael Hernandez – Principal and Founder – rhernandez@i4con.com
Rafael has a PhD With Honors -Magna Cum Laude- in Applied Economics. His book on “The Consumption Expenditure Function” contains a full econometric approach to economic models’ testing. He has been a University Teacher for more than a decade, teaching Monetary and Financial Macroeconomics, Economic History, and Urban Economy in three different European Universities. Besides his love and deep knowledge of Economics, he also has more than 30 years as Software Developer, Data Manager, Project Team Member and Manager, Service Administrator and Manager and BI and Analytics Manager both for medium and very large multinational companies. All environments from Microsoft, CITRIX, VMWare, Symantec, .NET, Android, Java, McAfee, Apache, AZURE, AWS, Python are some of the many technologies Rafael masters. Siemens, Ignite Technologies, Telefonica (O2), ADIF, Bombardier, Knight Frank, Santander Bank and Proximus are some of the many Companies Rafael has worked for. He is an experienced and leveraged specialist in Security, Data Quality, Analysis and Modelling. His expertise includes managing big Move to Cloud projects and leading the development of very complex scientific applications, using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Python tools, to solve actual economic needs like MMO Attribution and Multi Touch Attribution models used to process huge online Big Data sources.