Marketing Analytics

Today’s marketing campaigns’ ROI analytics scenarios are changing rapidly:
  • Purchasers may live all around the world (use common or different channels)
  • Different environmental & cultural behaviors to attract
  • Increasing number of possible engaging tactics
  • Consumers follow different paths to purchases
  • More and more different product channels
  • Different types of conversions (not only sales are considered)
  • Marketing campaigns targeting very different potential visitors
  • Consumers tastes changes faster and faster
  • Digital sites to place ads grow in number every day (social media, search engines, other websites)

And face increasing challenges and threats:

  • Huge and increasing amounts of data to analyze
  • Fake clicks are mining marketing campaigns’ budgets
  • Media Centrals, the same as Google, are now ‘judge in his own case’ when invoicing
  • Most Marketing Campaigns/Channels/Tactics do not get the right sales attribution due to last-touch/first-touch analytics
  • Linear Regression Models are highly inaccurate

To work out these challenges, our competitors’ models are fully inefficient. i4conAnalytics offer his customers proprietary developments with machine learning and artificial intelligence models for: